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Centrifuge Parts, Repair, & Maintenance in Fort Meade, Florida

Our business is the sales of used and reconditioned centrifuges along with quality spare parts and service.

We are located in a 7,500 square foot new facility in Fort Meade, FL giving us plenty of area to bring in the largest units for repairs or complete rebuilding.

A company you can depend on.

We pride ourselves on our prompt response time, competitive pricing, and high quality work. 

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Quality Work

We take pride in the quality of our work.  Our team is consistent and thorough.

Response Time

It is our goal to respond quickly to our Customers requests and to get them what they need as quickly as possible.

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Best Pricing

We offer the best pricing on aftermarket and OEM Centrifuge parts.

Turn Around Time

We have exceptional turn around time on Centrifuge repairs.

Customer Service

Our team goes above and beyond to provide superior customer service.

Watch our latest Youtube video test running a belt after installation!

Meet the

Mr. Lowell Signor established SJS Machinery, Inc. after retiring from Centrico, Inc. (Westfalia Separators, Inc.) in 1976.

team of SJS Machinery Inc.
  • How do I set up major centrifuge service?
    Give us a call at (863) 285-7993 to discuss scheduling your centrifuge for service. You can also send us an email at
  • How often should I schedule my centrifuge for a major service?
    We recommend major service once a year to ensure that your centrifuge stays in good working order and that all parts are in good condition.
  • How do I get parts that are used for a major service?
    Parts needed for the service are quoted to you ahead of time. Once you issue a Purchase Order the parts are shipped to you ahead of time so that they are on site and ready for our Service Technician. There are a few major components that do not get replaced unless necessary, those parts are quoted "as needed". If we suspect that it might be time to change one of these components we will ship it with the rest of the rebuild parts. We like to have them on hand in the chance that they are needed. This prevents delays in waiting for a replacement if we discover one is needed on site. If the parts are not needed, you can ship them back to our shop and you won't be charged for them.
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