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Our business is the sales of used and reconditioned centrifuges along with quality spare parts and service.


Mr. Lowell Signor established SJS Machinery, Inc. after retiring from Centrico, Inc. (Westfalia Separators, Inc.) in 1976.

In 1996 Lowell's son, Steve Signor, became President and Manager of SJS Machinery bringing his 19 plus years of experience from working as a Service Technician with Westfalia Separators from 1978 to 1996.

In 2003, Clinton Signor was hired as a Service Technician making him the third generation in the Centrifuge business.  In 2016, he became Vice President of the company.

In 2006, Jason Acton was hired as a Service Technician, bringing with him 20 years of mechanical background.  He worked for SJS until 2016, then returned in 2018.

In 2014, Philip Lopez was hired as a Service Technician.

In 2017, Mike Oates was hired as a Service Technician bringing with him 30+ years of experience working with centrifuges.  Fourteen of those years he was a service technician for GEA Westfalia Separators, Inc.  and another sixteen years was spent working with centrifuges in the yeast, citrus and biofuel industries.  Mike has expert experience in starting up and troubleshooting centrifuges in many different processes.  Mike is conveniently located in Alabama.

In 2018, Gabriel Velasquez was hired as a Service Technician.

We are located in a 7,500 square foot new facility in Fort Meade, FL giving us plenty of area to bring in the largest units for repairs or complete rebuilding.



We have a large inventory of aftermarket and original OEM spare parts for Westfalia and Alfa Laval Centrifuges.  We also have a good inventory of new and reconditioned tools - offered at reduced prices.  We have many hard to find parts along with spare hoods, frames, and covers.  We also have in stock several used bowl parts, discs, separating discs, distributors, and pistons.  Instruction manuals and parts lists are available for many units.

We can repair your piston lips and seal rings with a one to two week turnaround with hard surfacing.  We repair feed tubes and centripetal pumps.

Voith clutches repaired and rebuilt along with sales of new or reconditioned units.  We have test units and rental units available to do lab testing for new applications.


If you are tired of paying high costs to have maintenance performed on your centrifuges, we would be glad to work on your site with your maintenance personnel to train them to rebuild the drive assemblies on both gear drive and belt drive units.  Combine this with high quality parts and you can save as much as 25% - 35% on your maintenance costs.  These training sessions can be videotaped to refresh your personnel or to train newly hired personnel at a later date.

We have test units available to do lab testing for new applications at our facility.

We have in stock several centrifuges of varying sizes, reconditioned and ready to be put into immediate service.  All reconditioned machines come with warranties.  We also have several other units to be reconditioned.  If the unit you are interested in is not listed, we will do our best to locate it for you.  Most centrifuges sold include no additional cost for start-up and training of operating personnel.  

If you have any centrifuge equipment you would like to sell as is, or reconditioned, SJS Machinery would work with you to sell it on consignment.  Or if you have existing units in need of reconditioning or repairs, contact us for all your centrifuge needs.

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