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New and Used Parts

We stock hundreds of aftermarket and OEM parts for Westfalia Centrifuges.  We also stock minor and major rebuild parts for several different models of Westfalia Centrifuges.  We have a large stock room housing a wide range of parts that are ready for shipping.  If we don't have in stock what you are needing, we can order what you need and get it to you in a reasonable time frame.

Contact us for your parts needs!

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Gaskets are a vital part of ensuring the Bowl operates properly. We recommend replacing gaskets every 6 months to a year.
Bearings are the backbone of the Drive and need to be in good shape to ensure that your Separator runs smoothly.
Spindles are the main shaft that the Bowl sits on for rotation.
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Seal Rings are usually changed during both minor and major service.  This main bowl gasket maintains a proper seal.
Gears transmit the power from the Cross Shaft to the Spindle.  When taken care of properly they can last for up to 10-12 years.
Discs are usually not replaced unless damaged or the disc pressure becomes low.  Discs are added to maintain the correct disc pressure.

Parts Kits

If a good parts relationship is built with SJS, we can arrange to stock rebuild kits for the Customer.  In doing so, there are little to no shipping delays for the Customer.  We currently stock several major and minor service kits for our Customers.

Can't find what you're looking for?

Are you trying to find a part that is no longer available and hard to find?  We have many different Westfalia Centrifuge used parts in stock for several different vintage models.  If we don't have what you need in our stock, we may have a contact that does.  We will do all we can to help you find what you're looking for!

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