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A Guide to Quality OEM Westfalia and Aftermarket Centrifuge/Separator Parts

For those operating Westfalia separators, understanding the intricate details of their centrifuge parts is crucial for optimal performance and longevity. Let SJS Machinery, Inc. supply you with quality parts to keep them performing at their best.

Westfalia is a renowned name in the field of centrifuge manufacturing. Their centrifuge parts are designed with meticulous attention to detail for ideal functionality. Read on to learn more about  centrifuge/separator parts.

The outside front of a centrifuge machine control panel.

Understanding Centrifuge/Separator Parts

  • Bowl Assembly: The bowl is where the separation process takes place. Maintenance will provide efficient separation of liquids and solids.

  • Drive System: The drive system, including the motor, gears, and bearings, is responsible for the rotation of the bowl assembly. Regular inspection and maintenance prevents any disruptions in its operation.

  • Control Panel and Sensors: Westfalia centrifuges are equipped with advanced control panels and sensors that monitor various parameters like speed, temperature, and pressure. These components are key to ensuring safe and precise operation.

A centrifuge machine bowl.

How Maintenance and Repair Can Help

Gaskets and Seals

Gaskets and seals help maintain the integrity of the centrifuge. However, over time, these components may wear out, leading to leaks and inefficiencies. Regular inspection and replacement of these parts are essential to prevent any operational issues.

Bearings and Bushings

A smooth rotation of the bowl assembly relies on the quality of bearings and bushings. Any signs of wear or damage should be promptly addressed to prevent further damage to the centrifuge.

Control Panel Upgrades

Upgrading the control panel can enhance the efficiency and safety of your Westfalia centrifuge. Newer panels often offer improved monitoring capabilities, contributing to better process control and reduced downtime.

Being able to find genuine Westfalia centrifuge parts and quality aftermarket parts along with reliable repair services is essential to maintain your equipment. SJS Machinery offers a comprehensive range of quality centrifuge parts and top-notch repair services in Fort Meade, Florida.

The inside of a centrifuge machine control panel.

Why Choose SJS Machinery?

  • SJS Machinery has skilled technicians with extensive knowledge of Westfalia centrifuges.

  • We provide authentic Westfalia centrifuge parts and quality aftermarket parts, ensuring the highest quality and compatibility. 

  • SJS Machinery strives to deliver efficient and timely repair and maintenance.

Regular maintenance and the use of genuine centrifuge parts from reputable suppliers like SJS Machinery can significantly contribute to optimal operation of your centrifuge. 

For all your centrifuge parts needs and reliable repair services , trust SJS Machinery to keep your equipment running at its best. Call (863) 285-7993 or email us at

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